We must work together today to secure a safer tomorrow for every school, every child, every day.

Michele Gay, Co-founder of Safe and Sound Schools, Mother of Josephine Grace, killed December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook School

PBK and the Texas School Safety & Security Council are to be commended for leading the way in developing best practices in school safety.  This whitepaper should be read by all who care about the education of our children and this comprehensive plan answers the question that is often asked about who is responsible for school safety.  It is clear that although you should have experts in school safety at the table, it is everyone’s responsibility to make sure each child and staff member is safe.  The inclusion of SB 11 is a step in the right direction as it was handcrafted by Texas educators and safety experts from around this great state.

Dr. Greg Smith, Clear Creek ISD Superintendent and 2019-2020 TASA President

As a chief of police for one of the largest districts in the state of Texas, I believe this is a great foundation and piece of work to facilitate the conversations about what is the best fit for new construction and renovation projects for schools.

Klein ISD Police Chief David Kimberly and 2019-2020 President, Texas School District Police Chiefs Association

Crime Stoppers of Houston has been in the schools, talking to students, since 1997. What we have discovered that without question, students are the first line of intelligence. By tapping into what they know, we are able to learn of potential threats through conversations they are having,
statements they are posting or plans they are making. We absolutely stand by the work of PBK and the comprehensive overview this white paper offers to allthose interested in true school safety.

Rania Mankarious, MA, JD, CEO of Crime Stoppers of Houston